Starting a New Journey

Hey Friends! Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog, Authentically Alecia Ann. I am so glad you are here! I am a twenty-year-old from Nebraska. I am currently in college studying Marketing. The most important things to me are my faith, family, friends, and health. Here on this blog I want to be up front with you all and share my experiences, both the good and the bad. I want to share with you what I do when it comes to my health journey, faith journey, life journey and everything in between. There really will be something for everyone! I want to write recaps of my week, recipes, fitness activities, faith stories, travels, school stories, and more!Most of all I just want to be real, honest, and authentic with all of you!


I have a very large, wonderful family that I love very much! I have three younger brothers! One with my mom and stepdad and two with dad and step mom! I also have many amazing friends that I am so thankful for!


I love having my quiet time with God! He is who I have to thank for the whole idea of starting all this! I want to share some of the things that come up in my faith walk. The verse I want this blog to be grounded on is Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”.

My health journey has been one crazy one, but I thank the Lord every day for how healthy I am. That being said, I can definitely do more to be honoring to myself. I have always struggled with my weight and getting into an active lifestyle. But, a couple years ago I caught the bug and have always been really interested in it ever since. I was eating healthy and running almost daily. Then I went off for my first year of college. Hello, dining halls. My healthy eating habits had a hard time keeping up, but I was slowly getting back into a running routine. Then I started having a lot of issues with my leg and eventually a year later ended up having surgery. I was still having a lot of trouble with my weight in general and so I went to the doctor and she suggested a gluten and dairy free diet. With all these things going on and still recovering from surgery, I want to have this blog be partially for chronicling my health and recovery journey. Along the way I want to share things I have learned through this whole experience!

Comparison Fotor

Cooking and Baking has always been a big thing in my family and I have the gene! (One of my grandma’s has actually written multiple cookbooks!) With my dietary restrictions and my desire to be healthy, I have lots of motivation to try new things! I will share with you all the triumphs and the failures!


I also enjoy crafts, lettering, DIY projects, and organizing! This includes planning a few parties and helping with a couple weddings too!

IMG_2376_Fotor Craft

I don’t get to travel a ton, but when I do I will share with you some favorite spots and what I found to be the most exciting!


My goal is to just share my experiences with you all and to share a journey (all its ups and downs) with you all. A life that is filled with so many beautiful things! I just want to share the ups and downs of my life and how it makes me who I am!



3 responses to “Starting a New Journey”

  1. I am oh-so-excited to see where you take this blog!! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see more posts!


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