My Favorite Things in My Closet this Summer


I definitely have my own unique taste in clothes, and although sometimes I prefer wearing a t-shirt and shorts in the summer, I also really enjoy dressing up or looking a tad less casual. With work, church, graduations, weddings, and other events this summer I will often times look to these go-to staples (my favorites) in my closet this summer!



Dress: I love this dress! It is so comfy and I can add a sweater or jean jacket to wear to work. It is from Old Navy and comes in multiple other colors.


Shirt: Also from Old Navy, are these shirts! I like that they are a little thicker material and long so I can wear them with leggings too! These also can come in multiple colors.


Shoes: This faux Birkenstock style shoes are the best and I always look forward to wearing them. I bought some last year and loved them so much I had to get more this season! They have multiple colors, but I was really excited that they had rose gold!



DressI got this dress on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft. I really like its pretty blue color and the lace makes it great for nicer occasions.


Skirt: I also got this skirt and top at Loft! The colors play off each other well. I think if I paired this with a white cotton shirt it could go more casual too.

Top: This top is also a Loft find! They had so many good things on clearance when I went that can all be mixed into different outfits. Together this pair has to be my favorite outfit!



Shorts: These shorts are dry fit from Old Navy. They have a yoga pant high waisted top. This makes them really comfortable! They are also a bit longer in length then some other exercise shorts so they really work well for coverage.


Leggings: These leggings are from Gap Fit. They are my favorites because they are thick enough that they aren’t see through and they feel like more stable of a pant, but are still easy to move in!


Shoes: These are my new New Balance Running Shoes. I am really excited to start breaking them in with some walks even more, and eventually working my way back to running.

So many of these items can be paired with other go to items and mixed-and-matched with each other to create even more great outfits!


What are some of your go to outfits?


2 responses to “My Favorite Things in My Closet this Summer”

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  2. Love your passion, and your boldness to share your story and start your own blog! So proud of you!


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