Weekly Recap Number One

Welcome to the first weekly recap! These will basically include bits and pieces of my day, what I had to eat, and what I did for activity. It is just a brief overview of life!

Sunday I woke up early to go to church ! Before church I had some Silk Vanilla Yogurt and fruit. We headed to my grandma’s to celebrate Mother’s Day. For lunch I had a hamburger, fruit, a Greek Salad, black pepper humus with carrot chips and Tostitos!

We went home later in the evening. For dinner I had the last of the frozen meals I prepped before I had surgery. It is quinoa with ground turkey, corn, black beans, and enchilada sauce. I added some leftover taco meat we had in the fridge to it also. I also had some kombucha last night! I really like buying the big bottles from Hy-Vee or Fresh Thyme because it is a little bit cheaper.

Before work on Monday; I had some egg whites, a Vans gluten free waffle with natural peanut butter, and half a banana. Then later at work I had a Yoplait lactose free vanilla yogurt. Lunch was some leftover spaghetti squash with meat sauce. After work I went to the gym and did a kettle bell circuit. It was really good to get moving! Then for dinner I took a cold quinoa and vegetable salad from the week before and warmed it up with some spinach and garlic chicken.

Tuesday morning I had gluten free oatmeal with honey, banana, chia seeds, and pecans! Then for lunch I had garlic chicken, cauliflower rice, and spinach. I got in a light 30 minute walk today between shadowing a preschool, work, preparing blog posts, and running errands. During my errands I found this awesome gluten free protein cookie made by Oatmega Bars. It is a must try! Then for dinner we went to our country club, which had some new summer items on the menu. I had the Kung Pao Chicken!

Wednesday I had a new post out in the morning, so while catching up on that I made myself a Van’s gluten free waffle with natural peanut butter and a third of a banana. Then for a snack later in the morning I had a Yoplait strawberry lactose free yogurt with a few strawberries. Then for lunch I had part of my leftover Kung Pao Chicken from last night with some spinach and part of my Oatmega cookie bar! Then for dinner I had some chicken nachos, strawberries, and veggies!

Thursday morning I had some leftover eggs and sausage, the rest of the strawberries in the fridge, and a gluten free waffle. Then for lunch I had some more of my leftover Kung Pao Chicken and spinach. Then for a snack I had a chocolate chip Rx Bar. Then for dinner I made a mixed berry smoothie bowl topped with chia seeds, extra berries, and raw coconut, to eat while I worked on some homework!

On Friday for breakfast I had some silk yogurt, with berries and granola. Then for lunch I had some more of the granola with some lactose free milk and a banana. Then today I went for a twenty minute interval walk/run. It was my first time trying to run since surgery 6 months ago. I also got in some abs, arms, and a little bit of yoga. Then for dinner I had leftover garlic chicken with cauliflower rice and spinach. I added leftover corn and gluten free pasta to it!

On Saturday I went to go help do some handwriting on some signs for my cousin’s grad party! Before I went over to the venue I made some eggs and yogurt. Then at the party they had some gluten free pastries, fruit, and some egg and sausage casserole. Then after working on some other projects and watching the royal wedding this afternoon, I had a pineapple and banana smoothie bowl for dinner.

This week has been busy, but great! Thank you for reading the first weekly recap! Tune in this week for a couple new posts and a new weekly recap next week!

Thing I learned from school this week: I am very wordy and should not worry about meeting a word count on an assignment :)

Thing I learned from church this week: Ask God for help, He is there for you!

Thing I learned from life this week: Getting stuff done is better than just thinking about it!

Feel free to comment if you want me to share a recipe, have questions for me, or just really anything!



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