My Up/Down Relationship with Journaling

It seems like every girl nowadays is journaling. It is almost seen as something necessary to fit in. I have filled journals upon journals with prayers, notes from church, and everything else; and my wrong thinking is that it is necessary. It is not necessary for my salvation, sure at times it can help me to focus on the Lord, but sometimes it is just another thing to get done. Then even doing it, our minds are not in the right mindset. We should do it to focus on the Lord.

These are just a few of the many journals I have filled, I have more sitting in a box in my basement :)


This past school year I thought I had been doing so well, in faith aspects, because I was consistent with my daily journaling prayers. But, it got to be the same thing. It became mindless. Some days it seemed to be unattainable. At times it seemed to just be a burden.

Then I decided to do some scripture study. Journaling is not necessary for our salvation. It wasn’t even around in Bible times. God just wants us to pray to Him. He just wants us to share our lives with Him. We are called to be praying constantly, but we are to also pray with a heart to show the glory of the Lord and not glory for ourselves.

I think that sometimes journaling, if not done for God or to write down our emotions, is sometimes done for appearances to others. If done for others then it just becomes meaningless for us and possibly for God.

So if you are like me and have gotten a little burnt out on journaling everyday, don’t fret it. I still sometimes journal to clear my mind. Or if I have big prayers that I want to sort through. And I guess that this blog can be considered a journal in a way too! Journaling should never be burdensome for you! It should be fun, and therapeutic! And prayer should be used to build your relationship with God, it should not be for anyone besides you or God.


Prayer is a gift from God, and so is the ability to journal. I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to write this blog. Even if not very many people read it, that is not what is important. What is important is that I am having fun with what I am doing and get share what I enjoy that makes it all worth it!


Have you ever journaled? How has your experience with journaling been?

3 responses to “My Up/Down Relationship with Journaling”

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