Books You Should Read This Summer

What is more perfect for summer time relaxing by the pool, beach, or anywhere else than a book! These are some books that I had read recently and enjoyed some more than others but enjoyed them all enough to share with you!


The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

This is one of my favorites, partially because I love Chip and Joanna! I have been a huge fan of them, Fixer Upper, and Magnolia. This book is the story behind it all, and thus make it one of my favorites. It also has little aspects about their faith which is so cool.


Love Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird

This just came out not to long ago! It is helpful when it comes to godly relationships! I love that this book also has some questions where you have blanks to fill in your answers, it helps to make the book more applicable to your life. Especially since godly relationships and the way they are implemented can be on a spectrum it is nice to figure out a place where you lie.


Girl Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird

This book is one that goes along with Love Defined, and was written previously to Love Defined. This book talks about what it means to be a Christian woman in all seasons of life. Much like the other book, I do find it helpful to see it on a spectrum and find where your happy place on it within what God has called us to.


Lady Like by Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle

I picked up this book on recommendation from a friend! She said I needed to read it because it made her think of me, even the cover :). It is all about getting out of the “me” of society and focuses on what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s society. This book is also on that spectrum type thing and you can figure out where you stand within Biblical contexts! These books are just good resources for ideas and great thought and reflection provokers.


Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

This is Joanna’s new cookbook that came out in April! Not only do the recipes look delicious (I am testing them with gluten and dairy free options, new blog posts ;) ), but they are so classic. What makes it a good book for this summer reading list is that also included are Joanna’s stories and encouragement to go along with the recipes. This is a cookbook that will be that one as decoration on the counter, so that it can be a quick reference guide.


Gone with the Wind by Margret Mitchell

This is my favorite book of all time! Now sometimes it gets a bad rap, but I made it through all 1000+ pages. And in all those pages are a very real story, with lots of depth, and a beautifully classic story. This is the perfect vacation read too because it is one that takes you on ups and downs and vacation is one of the only times to finish it in a short sitting. Now I think we all need a Rhett Butler in our lives who sees the real us, but there are some traits I could also live without!


Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews

This book was recommended for me on Amazon for my Kindle based on what I had already read. This is partial romance and partial mystery and it was super easy and fun to read! Perfect to go along with summer. This is only the first book in a series of I believe three, and I can’t wait to read the others!


Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks

Now Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors for quick easy reads, and books that make me cry. This book was the one that came out last year, and it is very different from anything Nicholas Sparks has ever written, making me a little confused, excited, and many other emotions. But, I tell you what this might be one of his best books ever! It is a story of a father and a daughter, and it truly has a lot of heart in it!

What I want to read next:

The Next books in the Savannah Blues Series

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Every Breath, Nicholas Sparks’ new novel coming out October 16.

A C.S. Lewis book, I really want to read more of his works!

And lots of others, because when don’t I have a book list!


Any book recommendations for me, leave them in the comments!



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