The Road to Recovery

I shared a brief overview of myself in my first post. In there I mentioned a little bit of my health background when it comes to running. I also mentioned adding my first bit of running back into my workout in my first weekly recap, and I kind of wanted to give you all a summary of why I am on the road to recovery.


I started running everyday the summer before my freshman year of college and starting losing a lot of weight, and really fell in love with running. I did not really have many issues then other than some cramps here and there in my legs and what seemed to be some shin splints, but nothing I thought a little more water couldn’t help. At the end of the summer I ran my first 5k and got third in my age bracket, and I was even more hooked!

I then started school and it became harder to find time to run, and places to run because everywhere had so many people. But, I wanted to get back to it. I kept trying and going, getting cramps or burning sensations in my legs, mainly my right leg, that wouldn’t go away. I just kept pressing on as best I could. But then it got to be bad and so I was advised to see an orthopedic doctor specializing in sports medicine and after an x-ray it looked as though I was almost to a stress fracture in my right leg.


After a little bit of time in a boot, I was ready to get back to running. I went to Physical Therapy and tried to get back into it, but I was still having pain. So, after dealing with it for quite a while, basically hoping it would go away, I went back to the doctor and he ordered an MRI. It did not show any type of stress fracture and I was very frustrated. He then recommended me to another orthopedic doctor who specialized in foot and ankle. This doctor heard the other symptoms I was having; such as numbness and convulsions and knew that it was compartment syndrome of the peroneal nerve (outside of the leg). Compartment syndrome is the tightening of sheath and muscle around the nerve.

After only a couple weeks I decided to take him up on his first course of treatment, a cortisone shot. If this worked the diagnosis was correct and we could come up with a course of treatment from there. It lasted a few weeks and then started to wear off. It was at that point I thought it would be best to have surgery to correct the problem. Both legs were starting to get bad, so we decided to have surgery on both legs at the same time.


This is my only picture post surgery that isn’t extremely gross to share!

Recovery was rough the first few weeks. It was a lot slower than expected, and I had a lot of swelling. It took me a long time to get over the pain and get the strength to stand and walk on my own. I went to Physical Therapy again to try to gain more balance and Range of Motion, etc.

I am now about 6 months Post Op and am still trying to get back at it. It is still really frustrating because I still get sore because my muscles aren’t used to it, I can’t go as far, and I am still a little fearful to push too hard, even though I can’t hurt anything. I still do my physical therapy exercises, because they help me get better and they help prevent future injury. I also do a lot of foam rolling and use a massage ball to keep breaking up things that could tighten back around the nerve. I am still recovering and it has been a long road. This is a journey that I want to share because it has affected many aspects of my wellness and I can’t wait to start getting better again!


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