Organizing for a Garage Sale

So this summer my mom, my aunt, my grandma, and I decided to go in and do a garage sale together in my aunt’s neighborhood. Now anyone who has ever done a garage sale knows how much work it is to go through everything, mark it, and organize it to sell. Now I am not an expert, but this is the way we organized ours.

When I got home from college I knew we were going to have a garage sale but we had not gone over our marking system yet, so I just started making a pile, and the pile ended up growing. So once we decided on our marking system it really became more work because I had to go through everything again to mark it. The nice thing about that is that I could then go through it again to see if it was really worth selling. It does take longer though, and takes away from going through more things! I think the most successful way to mark everything is to mark it as you go through it. Also make sure to tie, or zip stuff together that goes together.

I personally like going through stuff and getting rid of it if I do not need it. Stuff can just end up cluttering and if you don’t use it you don’t need it and this is the perfect time to get rid of it. I like doing a save, donate/sell, maybe, and trash piles when I go through items.

This is a summer garage sale and some other blogs have mentioned against selling seasonal items, such as Christmas decor, unless you were doing a fall garage sale. Now in my opinion even though you have to mark all the prices there is no harm in trying to sell it. I always think that even if it is not the price I marked it for, that is still more that I would be getting out of it then it sitting somewhere getting no use and taking up space. There are some items that I have that have never been used or worn, so for those items I am trying to get 1/3-2/3 original price depending on the item, and how old it is.

Our marking system is that each family has a different color. So my mom and I are green, and mine are separated because there is a dot on my tags. Then my aunt is red and my grandma is blue. We also made sure to grab a counterfeit pen from our local bank to test the bigger bills we got at the sale.img_2884

The day before we set everything up on their tables and made signs. We sorted things into clothes (then sizes), toys, housewares, books and movies, and etc.

Then the first day came. Since it was a Friday it was busy but not near as busy as Saturday. We stuck a lot of things outside on the driveway and in the yard to help things sell and get people in. We also put ads out on Facebook Marketplace and joined buy/sell groups on there for our area to get the memo out to more people. We also made signs and put an ad on craigslist and the Next Door Neighborhood website.

Saturday was a little windier but a lot less hot then the 98 degrees of Friday. We had a lot more traffic and sold more items. All in all the garage sale was a lot of work but in the end I found it worth it because I got some money for some of my stuff and it gave us an excuse to clean some stuff up in our house.


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