My Favorite things this week:Number One

I have decided that weekly recaps just aren’t my thing. I have so much more to share with you then just my exercise habits and what I eat. So this way I can share with you my favorite things of this week and you get a clearer view of me, and my day to day. So here are my favorite things this week!

img_2973This is a book I have been reading for class. Although when I have to read books for class it is unenjoyable, because it stress me out just a little, I will go back and read this one, and probably all five assigned books!img_2974This is one of the new items I bought at Marshalls to redo my room. I got it on clearance for ten bucks, but a lot of the rest of my room redo will be in another post!img_2926This may not look the most delicious but it sure smiled and tasted good. I was reading an article about what Meghan Markle (the now Duchess of Sussex) did to stay in shape why on the show Suits, and one of her evening meals was pasta with a sauce of tomatoes and zucchini steamed till it turned to sauce. I added some garlic and Italian seasonings and put it on gluten free pasta and it was so good.img_2938Now I promise I do not drink one of these a day, but probably half of one every other day. This is a new flavor for me and it was really good!img_2925Now I usually treat myself to one weekly drink at Scooter’s. I am right now completely into having a soy chai tea latte with sugar free vanilla flavoring. I am trying to cut the coffee to help with my thyroid.img_2937This is another Kombucha I tried this week. This one has now bypassed the Acai Coconut one for my favorite for now. I just really like pineapple flavored things, it reminds me of the beach!img_2940This mirror is another thing I got from Marshall’s for my new room set up. Can’t wait to show you the changes I made!img_2963I had seen these pizzas at the store and I finally decided to try one. It helped with my hankering for pizza, but did not leave me desiring a ton more. I still sometimes have to deal with knowing the difference in taste between substitutes and the real deal.

This week in school I think my favorite thing agin was how everything I seemed to be reading related to something I was thinking a lot about or something that I had just heard a lot. (God winks)

For church I learned that the single greatest opportunity we have in life is to follow Jesus!

Something I learned from life is that sometimes you just won’t know how you will react and that is okay.

Some of my other favorite things this week: the gym, the pool, bedtime yoga, water, good talks with my friends and family, and breakfast food!



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