The Frustrating Tale of Finding New Running Shoes

The first time I really started running I just grabbed the first pair of tennis shoes in my closet and those are the ones I wore and wore out. I wore that pair of Asics till there were holes, but they lasted me all through the summer, my start into running. Then as I was getting ready to start college I figured I needed a new pair of running shoes. I was looking for the same pair of Asics that I was already running in and ended up buying the “same shoe” only a year newer. Well see the end up changing things when they come out with the new version of the same shoe every year and apparently these were not the right ones for me.

So I was running in these shoes and my leg issues that were barely noticeable when I was running at home were now getting significantly worse. Check out my running/surgery story. So when I went in and had a stress fracture, they recommended me to physical therapy not only to teach me some good exercises to avoid injury but also to look at my gate (how I walk/run/land on my feet).

These shoes were the ones they recommended because they had more support in them, so less likely to cause an injury. I then realized my stress fracture was not the only issue. By the time it got to this summer I had been wearing these shoes out by casually wearing them before and after surgery. So, since I was looking to get back into running I need a specific pair of workout/running only shoes.

I went to look for the same pair, but after some research this time found out that that model had been discontinued and the new model had changes (less support). That means that the search was on for something supportive and something that keeps my feet from rolling out when I land. If you roll in or out when you land, do not have enough support, or wear the wrong size shoes you can damage your feet, legs, and knees. (If you do have issues or get injured go see an Orthopedic Surgeon/Specialist preferably who knows about sports medicine).

What had been recommended to me by my physical therapist, and dad was to go to Scheels to get my running shoes. They know what they are talking about, and if the shoes don’t work out they are really good about exchanges. The guy who helped me gave me multiple options in Brooks (which were my ones before) and New Balance. I tried lots of them on and compared them walking side by side. I chose the one that felt the most comfortable and stable. I was recommended to get a size bigger than what I had worn before surgery, but when I got to wearing them they felt too big. I just went back tried on the other size side by side and made a really easy exchange. I ended up getting the New Balance 1080 Flex Foam.

As you can tell finding a good pair of running shoes is unique to you and can often be frustrating when the main reason you like a shoe is changed in the next season. I do recommend going to a store like Scheels and getting an option from someone who knows.



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