How Knowing My Colors Changed My Closet

Since finding out what my colors were bout a month ago I have decided to go through my closet. And when I mean my closet I mean every article of clothing I own and my shoes. When I got my colors done I got a little booklet of the colors in my season with a hole punched out for my WOW colors. You can check out my post about getting my colors done here!

So I laid all my clothes on my floor and on my bed and opened my bedroom curtain to only let natural light in my room. I then took each item of clothing from my bed to the floor right in front of my window and placed it next to my wallet so I could see if the color of the item was in my color palette or not.


These are both dark black and so this dress gets to stay in my closet ;)

These were Yes’!


This was a stack of no’s:(img_3291

So what I did was separated out my dresses so the ones that are winter are on the left side and the ones that are not are on the right side.

img_3284Then for the rest of my closet I put the winters on the bottom rack, and the wrong colors on the top.



Then what I did for my dresser is put all the wrong things on a shelf in my closet and kept all the right things in their normal spot!


I have since found myself feeling bad for looking at the wrong side of the closet for what I wear. I have been trying really hard to only wear my colors. The hardest thing that I have found not to wear in my colors in my jean jacket. I might have to find a new darker wash one or white one. Any suggestions of a good place to find one?


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