My Favorite Things This Week!

This past week has been super busy with a lot of changes and getting stuff organized for this Fall.  With that I feel like I have not written as much lately, but this will be a great little reboot.

First this week, my favorite thing is God. If you have read my previous posts you know that I have struggled having time with God and feeling close to him. But, with everything going on this week I really saw how God had my back and got me everything I needed.img_3317

Secondly, my family has been awesome this week and I don’t think they get enough praise for it sometimes. Also my brothers want more pictures on the blog of them so here you go.img_3462

This week has been super warm outside, and last Sunday I got to go out to my grandparents and use a Maui Mat out in their neighborhood. I loved it!

I also started a new diet this week, to kick start my metabolism and what has been a slow weight loss journey. It is 6 small meals a day, 5 of which are their snacks/meals, and then 1 lean(protein) and green (vegetable) meal. It is called Optavia. I am on day 4 and can already see and feel a difference.img_3465

I am also so thankful for my friends this week. They are so understanding and such awesome people, of course my favorite people! I miss them all. One of them is actually on a mission trip in Slovakia and another is teaching English in China at a school.


This week with all its ups and downs has had some good favorites,  most of them are my favorites all the time!

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