Me A to Z

A. My first name is Alecia!

B. I have three brothers!

C. I do calligraphy!

D. I used to dance and cheer in high school!

E. I get emotional at sad movies.

F. I have some of the greatest friends!

G. I love God, and my relationship with him is the most important!

H. Any Nebraskan knows that the only team you root for is the Huskers. GO BIG RED!

I. My family is very important to me!

J. I don’t have very good jokes (maybe depending on who you ask), puns are a safe go to!

K. I seem to  have problems using keys when opening and closing doors.

L. I am loyal to the people I love.

M. Management is my new college major!

N. Nebraska is where I am from! Born and raised!

O. Optavia is the new diet I am on, I am one week in and really like it!

P. Pink is my all time favorite color!

Q. Sometimes when people first meet me they think I am quiet.

R. I really want to get back into running!

S. I am single and have never been in a relationship!

T. I would like to travel more, I am not as adventurous as some!

U. I want to travel to all 50 states in the USA!

V. Vanilla and Carmel Latte is my favorite coffee!

W. I have had a job and worked all this summer.

X. I would hope people would think of me as xenodochial. (It is really hard to come up with an x word)

Y. I am young for my grade, I am only twenty!

Z. I hope to live with a zest for living out my right calling!

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