My Favorite Things these last three weeks!

These last couple of weeks have been well traveled and had lots of exciting times.

One of my favorite things had to be spending time with my family out  at our cabin at the lake for about a week!


Then, about a day later I got to travel up to North Dakota for my friends’ wedding! Congrats Faith and Joe! I loved the wedding and getting to road trip and share a room with some of my friends! The bride was absolutely gorgeous, and I had so much fun dancing and enjoying the love around me.


I am also really liking this new plan/diet I am on! It is called Optavia. It has been very successful so far and I am only a few weeks in. Although outside opinions are sometimes hard, I am doing this to be healthy and it is the greatest feeling in the world!


I have also been using this new money saving app I love. It gives me cash back after I choose the deals I want, or buy online through their app and upload my receipts. Although at times the amount you get back may seem small it ends up being really big in the long run!


Those are my favorites for these past couple of weeks! I hope you have enjoyed your last few weeks!


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