My Favorite Pictures of this Summer

These pictures might not all be in order but many of them are my favorite pictures of the summer. Then there are some amazing summer moments that did not get caught on camera, but get to be great memories.

The things I learned this Summer:

  1. The Power of your WOW colors
  2. I don’t have to journal everyday to have my faith mean something
  3. I miss my friends when they are not close by
  4. I have a pretty awesome family
  5. I really have enjoyed my Optavia plan
  6. Take care of your body, it is a temple
  7. Enjoy the little projects (1, 2, 3)
  8. Personalized gifts are special
  9. Don’t be afraid to change, or to tell others about the change you want to make
  10. Be excited for the season ahead. Joanna Gaines said in her magazine this Fall that she thinks that we are always made ready for our next season ahead of time, we just may not realize what we are getting prepared for until it is here.



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