My U.S. Travel Bucket List

So I had this idea that from 2018 to 2028 I was going to try all 50 states. It might not happen but I am going to try and make sure it does. Even if I can’t get all these done in 10 years I hope to go to each of them in my lifetime.

Alabama- Gulf Shores, Tuscaloosa ( I would love to go to the Iron Bowl at some point)

Alaska- I don’t know where I would go in Alaska, but probably not too far off the beaten trail
Arizona- Phoenix will most likely be the destination (I will probably not go in the Summer though, it seems to get pretty hot)
California- I would love to see the Reagan Ranch, and the beach, and many other things!
Colorado- I have been here a lot of times in my life, but the most likely case is for me to go to Denver or the Mountains.img_3544img_3541IMG_0929
Florida– This one has already been checked off the list and will probably get listed a couple more times in the ten year period.

Georgia- I would love to go to Savannah, it looks so pretty!
Illinois- I have family who lives here so I will probably see them eventually, or go back and take another trip to Chicago.img_3543
Iowa- Maybe it is just me, but as a Husker fan I have a hard time going to Iowa, just to go to Iowa. :)

Louisiana- New Orleans, I want to fill up on Cajun food and beignets.
Maine- I should try lobster when I go here.
Massachusetts- Boston, I have heard it is a great place to go in the Fall.
Minnesota- I have been here once before and we will see where I visit in this state next!img_3542
Nebraska– I live in this state so it is hard not to visit it!IMG_1695
New Hampshire
New Jersey-When we were in Philadelphia we accidentally crossed the bridge into New Jersey. So technically I have been to New Jersey.
New Mexico
New York- I went to the Big Apple for a day in first grade, I should probably go back!
North Carolina-  love the Outer Banks and would love to go back again. I would also really like to see the Biltmore Estate.img_3545img_3546
North Dakota– I went here for a wedding and so I got that one crossed off the list!
Pennsylvania– I went to many places in Pennsylvania this summer. You can see all my adventures on this post!

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota–  We stopped through on the way to the wedding so I got to cross this one off the list.
Texas– I went to Texas in Summer of 2017, we traveled all over the state but I would love to go back to Waco and visit Magnolia again.IMG_1215
Washington- Seattle, most likely. I kind of want to visit the space needle!
West Virginia

Many of these states I don’t have a specific place listed and that is because I don’t exactly know where I want to go in that state. I know I just want to go there and experience it.



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