You Can Do It!

30b05f80-b469-4a0b-a097-65c6e4d1fdb8-31691-000018bf93f0344a_fileI have to say there is just something about being at school that makes it harder for things to get done and makes you feel tired more. I would tell you that during the summer I would have no problem going to bed at 11 and waking up at 6, and then going to work for most of the day. I then also had some days where I felt like doing other projects even after that day of work.

Then you come to school, and I feel as though there are less hours I feel like I can be productive in the day. I go to bed at the same time I did this summer, and I wake up at the same time, but I am already lagging first thing in the morning. I then do not have classes that last all day, like work did. I do not have as much motivation to do stuff as I did before. And the reason this is, is because I am not doing that stuff, and I am not being good with my time.

In order to have motivation for the day there needs to be stuff to do, ad motivation to get it done during the day. Now I am not cutting out free time, I am just saying to make good use out of it.

The first thing I have been trying to do, to make my time more valuable is to see what I need to get done with my time first. Classes, homework, church, and sleep are the first things that need to be scheduled into the day. These are really the necessities (Or at least mine). I then use my free time for work, activity(Health),cleaning, and for time to rest with the Lord. These are the things that I know I need in order to start being my best self, and living out my full purpose that God has called me to.

Using your time for quiet time, can be one of its most beneficial uses. It can leave you recharged, can allow for self-reflection, it can show you other ways in which you should be spending your time, and can bring joy depending on how the day has been or how you think it will be.  God can use time with Him in so many wonderful ways! Probably some we never even notice.

Your free time can then also be filled with projects or other activities you enjoy doing. For me that is a lot of the stuff I share on this blog. Extra journaling, crafts, cooking, shopping, organizing, blogging, watching movies (or College Football) and baking. It can also be used to build community, which is so important! Getting involved at small groups at church, serving someone, getting coffee with friends, or going to dinner with family or mentors. This for me really helps, because the interaction I am lacking sometimes, can really fill me up and leave me more rested.

For me I was so bored, and it was leaving me drained. I knew there was so much out there I love/want to do, should do, and need to do. I just needed to write those things and really match up their importance for my health/well-being, my success in the future (that helps me to get where God wants me), and for my faith and relationship with God. That not only helps me to be productive, and get done what I need to, but really helps me to grow and be content with where God has me in this stage of life.

Now I am not telling you that I am perfect at this! That is so far from the truth! Sometimes I want to sit and do nothing, some days I feel like I do not want to have quiet time. Then some times things come up and I cut time out of the things I need. Things do not always go as planned! I also sometimes like to be the one who is in complete control. I am not God. Everyday I pray for the motivation to achieve the things I want to achieve, do the things I need to do, and motivation to do the things that bring me joy and bring God the glory he so rightly deserves.

We are all in this journey of life together and God is leading us through it. It does not mean that we should stay in one place till God brings us something to do, but rather we should follow His commands, go where He leads, and find joy in the journey because that is what brings Him the glory. You can do this!

“For nothing will be impossible with God”-Luke 1:37

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