New Decorations for my Apartment

I have a studio apartment and my common living area was starting to feel pretty bland so I had an idea to use the words that had been given to me, one for each season (or section of the school year) the past couple years. I made a canvas for each word as I am not perfect at executing each one, and to be reminded of them, what I can work on, and how far I have come. I am planning on writing more about those words really soon!


I got a canvas for each word and traced out the size in pencil first that way the letters look even and I am filling up the canvas. I then went over the letter with a paint pen.

img_3703.jpgThey finally have my favorite brand of paint pens back at Walmart! That makes me so happy!

To get the thickness on the down stroke, I use different techniques but this time I thought I would use actual acrylic paint and a paint brush.

I really liked the way these ended up turning out!


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