The Desire to be Known

The other day we had a speaker in one of my classes. As an investor in start ups he was talking about what will help bring any person success in their human interaction. He said that if you could make any meeting, email, etc. about the importance of the other person you would be golden. This he said is because all humans want, especially in our culture is attention. We find this through social media, instant glorification, and then need to constantly be heard.

The thing is though God created this desire in our heart, the desire to be known. In this world we live in it is a struggle not to compare what we see from others, it is difficult not to doubt, it is hard to seek out full satisfaction in the Lord.

God created this desire for multiple reasons:

The first being community, God wants us to be in relation with others. We need the help of others to support us, listen, and encourage us through faith in this world that is opposite of Christ. Friends are able to show us Jesus in new ways through new perspectives.

Also in this area can be discipleship or mentorship. That is a great way understand the desire to be known. It is a safe relationship in which you can share your struggles and joys, as well as learn more about Jesus and be challenged in your faith.

Relationships are also something created by God. They are made to show us the grace, mercy, and love our God has for us. Marriages are an example of the relationship of Jesus and His bride the church. It is also another outlet to show an example of how to grow closer to Jesus by submission and grace.

Lastly, The Lord gives us this desire to be known so we can come to Him. He is the only one who will ever truly know us and our hearts. There are often things we don’t want to share or things we don’t know how to share. The thing is that God already knows all of those things.

We won’t be able to fill this desire in our heart only with the first two things. God would not make us to be able to truly live without Him. We will never be fully satisfied unless we are also seeking relationship with God. To know Him and allowing for Him to know us.

I am not saying that I don’t struggle with this. At a retreat I recently went to we spent time looking for the ways that we run from God. What don’t we let Him into? If we aren’t letting Him in to let Him know our struggles and ways we are running from Him we can never truly have peace or fill that desire to be known.

Yes, the world can give us momentary gratification, satisfaction, and attention but often when that goes away or the real world comes in we will be left even more empty than we were before. Only a real God will be able to satisfy.

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