My Favorite Clothes for this Fall

As this rainy Fall is coming into full effect here in the Midwest it is time to bring out a new set of clothes for the new weather. Here are my favorite things for this Fall!


This emerald green dress is from Old Navy, I think green is my new favorite color to wear!img_3961

Sweater and Jeans both from Old Navy. The Sweater comes in multiple colors!


This really comfy shirt is a classic staple from Old Navy


This ruffled sweatshirt is also from Old Navy and comes in this Navy and White Stripe and in Characol


I love this ruffle sleeve charcoal tank top for the warmer days of Fall


This last black light knit sweater is my favorite of the Fall, and also from Old Navy:)

I hoped you all have enjoyed some of my favorite clothes of Fall!


All of these clothes are in my Winter colors. Don’t know what I mean? Click here. All of my makeup is from House of Colour! Make sure to check out upcoming posts to see more about that…


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