Christmas Gift Ideas

I always have the hardest time shopping for certain people for Christmas. I also have the hardest time coming up with ideas of the things I can get multiple people. Here are just a few of my ideas of Christmas gifts.

  1. A journaling set: Journaling has become very popular lately, and I always find that if you get a nice journal and some fun pens and stickers it can become a nice gift set.
  2. Calligraphy Bible Verses: Last year I asked all my friends their favorite Bible Verse and wrote them using calligraphy for each of them. It is a nice personal gift.
  3. Homemade Mugs: One of the crafts I always thought it would be neat to make personalized mugs. Get white mugs at Target with sharpies and decorate mugs and then bake them in the oven to get the ink to stay.
  4. Mason Jar Mixes: This is another fun idea! You make a mix (like all the dry ingredients for brownies, cookies, or hot chocolate) and put them in a mason jar with the instructions. And then someone has a nice homemade baking or drink mix!
  5. Fleece Tie Blankets: These are so nice to make, and are so comfy for the Winter months. Better than just buying a blanket for the gift you can tie one yourself, so that it has the nice personal touch. I will be doing a how to tutorial soon!
  6. A Nail Kit: For a nice quick and easy gift you can get some bottles of nail polish, maybe a few nail tools, maybe some cotton balls, and nail polish remover, and tie that with a pair of Christmas socks and have a wonderful Christmas gift.
  7. Pajama Sets: If you are not very crafty, there are a lot of wonderful places to get pajama sets, especially with fuzzy socks. The perfect thing to cozy up with.
  8. Coffee Coupon: I love this gift idea because it is not just giving a thing, it allows you to enjoy the gift together. I usually hand make a coupon for the person a give them a coffee date, my treat. So then not only are they getting coffee, like what a gift card would get, but it allows you to spend time together.
  9. Spa Kit: You can also make a kit of a few things to make sure your friend has a day that they feel pampered. It can have soaps, lotions, bath bombs, luffas, a bath pillow, or a candle.
  10. Comfy Cozy Christmas Kit: Lastly you could put some of the things on this list together, and create a kit. It could be a blanket with a candle, a book, a mug, and the hot chocolate mix. It could be pajamas, the nail kit, and the Journaling set. It really could be any mix of things! And putting it all together with some homemade touches in a cute box presentation will make the gift feel even more thoughtful.

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