Welcome to Advent

img_4259We are officially on the countdown to Christmas! As we are planning with our family and friends, making lists of what we want, making lists of what we need to buy for others, and so much else…we often forget the real reason for the season…Jesus. This countdown to Christmas is also known as the season of Advent or the season of waiting with hopeful expectation.

Advent is a time to focus on the reason for season. It is the time to share the characteristics of Jesus and how those impact our lives. It is a time filled with love, joy, peace, and hope. And those are the four pillars of this Advent season.

Each week of Advent I am going to write a short little post that describes each one of the pillars and point us back to the reason for the season.

I want you to take this little bit of time in the hustle of this time of year to breathe and see Jesus and why it really is all about Him!




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