img_4252I think sometimes we use the word hope to replace the word want , like what we want to happen. When this is done, it makes the word hope loose all of its power especially from the Biblical context. This world makes the word hope all about me, me, me. It is all about what I want, what I desire, and where I want to go, and what I want to do.

That is not what the word hope was meant to be. It is about trusting Jesus, His ways, and where He is leading me. Jesus wants and is hoping for my heart to be His and, my sinful nature does not want to put my hope in Him, that it will all work out for His good and my good. I want to put my hope in me, but my hope should be in Jesus because He is constant and unchanging.

Jesus is the only one who gives us hope when we come to Him. He gives us all of our blessings. When Jesus was born we were given hope, when Jesus died for our sins we were given hope. Our hope comes from looking to the eternal and not to the now, we want the forever not the right now. It is hard to keep our mindset there.

If we focus having our hope in Jesus, then we want what He wants, we desire what He desires, we make it all about Him, not all about me. This can not be done on my own, it can only be done with the help of Christ, but He wants to help, because He wants my heart and He wants yours too.

So instead of focusing on what you want or hope you can get(Christmas List) focus on the hope you have already been given, by the Son who was and is God and Man. Jesus is the only thing we should have hope in, because He is the only thing that is guaranteed.

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