Fleece Tie Blankets: A Personal Gift

One of the gift ideas I talked about in a previous post, was fleece tie blankets. This is an easy gift idea, perfect for winter, that has a nice personal touch. What is so nice about this craft, is that it is easy enough for everyone to do.


img_4261You get 2 sets of 3 yards of fleece fabric. Make sure they go well together because they will be the front and back of the blanket. You then will lay the two pices of fabric on top of each other. Make sure the outsides are facing the outsides.

img_4262You will then want to cut a three square inch square out of each corner.

img_4263I then cut a one inch strip on either side of the square and tie those so the blanket stays together.

img_4264You can then cut the rest of strips about an inch and a half wide and three to four inches long. That can be done on the floor or table while cutting out the squares. Or it can be done as you tie. I personally cut and tie while watching a good Christmas movie. It keeps me nice and warm!

And they are wonderful gifts! Another idea is to make it a prayer blanket, meaning you intentionally pray for the person you are going to give it to while you are making their blanket. Just another way to make it even more personal!






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