For those of you in college it is so nice that all of our finals are done. Our school list is over until the semester starts again, but for every adult it seems like this season of the year is just a never ending to-do list, it is stressful and there seems to pressures from everywhere and expectations both real and those we are just imagining on ourselves. The holiday season can be more stressful than it is cheerful and stress is not the point of the season, and to be quite honest neither is “holiday cheer”(We will talk about joy next week though).

Christmas and the Holiday season is actually about something completely opposite of stress and expectations, it is about peace. Peace is one of the four ideas of advent and I find it to be one of the most ironic for the all the reasons above. Christmas has turned into this expectation of having a stunning home, all the perfect gifts under the tree, and the most amazing Christmas dinner while seeming to be a family not made up of completely broken human beings who have outside lives that pause for the Holiday season.

God didn’t design it that way to begin with, but then we sinned and the world broke. It broke and then God gave us the true reason for the season to save us, Jesus. But, often our brokenness has us not focusing on Jesus, this beautiful reason for the season and it has us not finding any rest for our souls. That is why God wants us to have peace.

If we come back and focus on Jesus, the true reason for the season, it can bring us peace in the not perfect Christmas it will be. He was a perfect baby, and He made Christmas a wonderfully perfect thing to celebrate and remember, but our Christmas’ will never give us peace. Something will go wrong, we will be missing something under the tree, someone will say something, but if we focus on Jesus we will have true peace from all of that, and we will have peace to understand the real reason to gather and celebrate. Him.

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