My Favorite Podcasts

Lately I have been in the mind set of laying in bed journaling while listening to some great podcasts! I have some ones that I really like, and would love to share with you all!


This new podcast is by blogger Jordan Lee Dooley who authors the Soul Scripts!


This podcast is by blogger Stephanie May Wilson. She interviews a girl friend about different topics that impact Christian women.


This podcast is by Christian singer Jamie Grace. She helps us work through patience in different areas in our lives.


This newer podcast talks about different topics in the realm of Christian Dating.


Jamie Ivey has this amazing podcast where she talks to different people about their lives and stories. She also has a mini segment called “If you only knew”, and it is amazingly vulnerable.


This is a great podcast to help you visualize and understand the stories of the Bible. They actually assign Hollywood actors to the Bible characters to help you visualize.


This fun podcast takes some of the ideas of pop culture and discuss different viewpoints!


This is a great holiday podcast! I love Hallmark Christmas movies and this podcast is three guy’s views on each Hallmark holiday movie. I am laughing just thinking about it ;)


WHOA That’s good Podcast with Sadie Robertson is a fun podcast with at least one good take away from each episode!


And last but certainly not least is Fighting for Joy podcast with Jodi Blick! I have met Jodi before through my aunt, and her podcast is truly so impactful. I highly recommend you go listen to this!


These are just some of my favorite podcasts. Do you all have any good podcasts that I should be listening to? I would love to hear about them!




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