Dear 2018


Dear 2018,

You have really given me some good memories, and brought forth lots of change, lessons, and growth. I decided to change my major and the school I was going to this year, something very bitter sweet. I also set new goals and found some dreams that I had once lost and made them new again.

This year I got to start this blog, which truly has become apart of me and has been one of my greatest blessings this year. I have gotten to grow in my style and love for writing, and it reminded me of the types of writing I have always liked to do. One of the best things about it is getting to share it with all of you. And from it has come so many blessings of encouragement.

This year one of my goals was to gain community. 2018 brought about so many wonderful gift of friendship. Some friends it has been hard to stay close to, and I wish I would have stayed in touch better. Some relationships changed forms, and some were only in this year for a moment yet they still made an impact. Through all of this I gained many friendships and a strong community. A small group I do life with, friends who encourage me to pursue my dreams and the opportunities God is presenting me with, ones to go to brunch and church with, and ones who I know will be there. I really do have the most amazing friends and family.

This year has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Whether that be sharing what is on my mind, starting this blog, or trying to be more extroverted. I also got to have moments of reflection and pause to see how truly grateful I should be for the things I have, where I live, and the experiences each year brings.

2018, like the years before it definitely had its ups and downs. The more time I take to reflect on my favorite things of this year and the things I wish I could have done without, the more I see God in every little thing. He used every one of these 525,600 minutes to help me grow in Him and in my identity through Him.

I know 2019 will be no different. There will be new changes, challenges, opportunities, and people, but I am glad to be rooted where I am now. That rootedness will always bring me back to me, and my dreams, goals, and prayers I have for the life God has called me to. Those are what I will hold dear, and what will always be a safe place for me, no matter the journey I try and step into.

So thank you 2018, I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for 2019!



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