img_4260I was laying down to go to bed after a long day of school and studying, I had just gotten done scrolling through my phone, feeling down on myself because of the things I did not accomplish that day, even though I had been productive that day in other ways. And then the idea came to me (best ideas always happen right before bed)….the Lord set the word INSPIRE upon my heart.

Since starting this blog, I haven’t always been sure what I want its’ mission to be and this idea came to me and I thought it was so true of what I want this blog and my life to be. I want to inspire. I want to inspire others to have a full life and a full heart. For me it is being inspired by the things I love to do, the people I am around, God, and what I read in His word. And I want other people to feel the same. I want you all to be inspired!

Being that this is a new year, this is something I really want to dig deep into to start the new year and to dig deep throughout the year.

This year I am going to have some guest blog posts from family, friends or acquaintances in my life that I am inspired by. They are going to share who inspires them and what they have been inspired to do this year.

The ways I am inspired to grow this year

  1. Keep focusing on my dreams (They are possible ;) especially with God)
  2. In my faith
  3. In confidence and self-love
  4. In health and fitness
  5. To take more pictures
  6. In community
  7. In education, learning, school, and skills
  8. In leadership and putting myself out there
  9. In taking opportunities
  10. In being joyful!

I hope that this new idea, theme, and series won’t just be something we think about for a month, but that this would continue all year and become so a part of us that we can always be INSPIRED! I can’t wait to share all the amazing people that inspire me and share what inspires them!

Copyright 2019

One response to “Inspire”

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