The Struggle of Feeling Inadequate

I think in many ways we all feel unworthy of something at some point in our lives. I struggle with feeling inadequate in many ways, especially with new things going on, or new seasons in life, meeting new people ( I am an introvert), or new roles that I have to take on. But, sometimes I also feel inadequate in the things I have been trying to accomplish for a while, or things that I have been doing for a long time. I get caught up in my head and I second guess my worth.

This is a lie that Satan and our world puts in our head that we aren’t good enough, or that we messed something up to much to return from. It can happen with family when you have conflict, you say something wrong, you burn the cookies, or you didn’t do something you needed to. It can happen in friendships when you feel as though you aren’t talking as much, you are pushed off to the side, life gets busy, or you just can’t seem to say the right thing. It happens in relationships: the put yourself down in your head of oh he won’t like me I’m… fill in the blank, the second guessing all the way through, or the too high of expectations on either side. It can happen in groups. In school groups: I messed up on our paper, I ruined our grade; In small groups: I didn’t say the right thing, I didn’t get my point across clearly…really in anything.

One thing I have been feeling super inadequate in is finding an internship or a job. I was a little late to the party for my major’s internship applications and I was also a little late to my major, so to add to my inadequacy is the lack of classes I have taken for my major and the experiences of certain things on my resume. I have gone to a couple interviews, and gotten rejections. And I have messed up a few opportunities all on my own. The more it keeps happening the more you feel like you have to dig yourself out of a hole of not being worthy enough.

Here’s the thing that you and I need to remind ourselves of each and everyday, the only thing we are not worthy of is the love we are still receiving from God. We don’t deserve it based on everything we do, every sin we commit, and every single way we turn from Him; but yet He gives us unconditional love we aren’t worthy of to cover that sin. I am just like you I need to believe that more, and believe that God has a plan, He is giving me the closed doors, and He gives me the opportunities. I don’t need to edit what I say to Him, even if I don’t edit correctly what I say to others. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and we shouldn’t put ourselves down all the time. God gave us the strengths and skills we have to show Himself, and we are so adequate in those things. We are worthy of opportunity, love, forgiveness, friendship, family, and community.

A few days ago, I was speaking with some friends, and I mentioned something negative about myself or something I was wearing. And one of the girls I was next to said, hey now you have to give yourself three put ups. She went on explain for every negative thing we say to a friend or to ourselves we should tell ourselves three things that build us up, that we like about ourselves, or that we did good today. So I want to encourage you all to speak the truth of the gospel to yourselves, and to give yourselves three put ups for every put down and to encourage your friends to do the same. You all are so loved by the Father!

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