IMG_4894I feel as though there is so much to talk to you all about, and that I have been MIA lately which I never wanted to happen, but the thing is that it does! The craze especially in the working world is this thing called work/life balance. When I have group interviews I hear people ask about it regularly. Everyone wants time to do everything. They want to spend less time at their job, to have more time doing what they love or their leisure activities or spending time with family and friends. The response we usually get to this question is that it is really up to you the effort you put in to one thing or the other and that will eventually determine your success in those things. It may not ever be perfectly balanced, and if you have found a way to perfectly balance everything in your life especially as things are constantly changing, then that is great! But, I have found that life will never be balanced and if your more concerned about getting it to be balanced then you won’t have time for all the other things you wanted to do to make your life balanced.

I have found this to be true in my life. These last few weeks as much as I have wanted to write, my time was just not balanced to be that way. I was helping others through their busy seasons. I was focused on getting out of this long winter season we have been having here in the Midwest that leaves its affects in more ways than one. I have been taking some time to reflect. But, I have also been busy with school, family, friends, in person commitments and moving. As much as this blog is my heart written out on a screen for you all to read sometimes, it still doesn’t measure up to the people and relationships I need to share with and build up right around me. I needed to figure out what was important and do that. That is what balance is, it is prioritizing things to be done based on a level of importance to your future and to the things that matter . This blog will not be with me forever, but my education, friends, faith, and family will be with me for the rest of my life.

That all being said, I love writing and have so much more to share with you all and can’t wait to do so! Hopefully as this semester winds down and spring finally comes around the encouragement to keep writing and sharing new things will come with it. This is important to me and I want to make that show by actually giving you all new posts to read! So be looking forward to those in the near future….



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