Reflecting Light


As this semester and school year starts to come to a close the people around me have really been encouraging reflecting on how God has worked in my life and the lives around me. It didn’t sink in for me all that God has done that I couldn’t have even imagined or thought of on my own, yet that was what happened this year. God has worked in some crazy beautiful ways, yet He has also taught me many lessons and has helped me to grow through disappointments and rejection.

It was pretty late in the summer that I decided to transfer schools and switch majors , which was very stressful in and of itself and it also didn’t leave much time to think about all these big changes that were happening. I never would have thought that would happen, or that God would answer my long standing prayer for a strong community, which I am so grateful for. God has brought me new ways to serve others, hospitality, discipleship, and leading a small group. Things I never would have thought of. He also opened my heart to see His heart, to see His mission, and to see how He is trying to change my heart to reflect more of Him, to reflect the light He uses to shine His spirit through me in the darkness that surrounds us in this world. God has opened my eyes to see how big His plan is, and I celebrate the small things and the ways He has changed me and worked through me this year and the ways He has changed my path different then what I would have thought, but His plan is so much greater. I am truly blessed to be a part of God’s plan, and to be a blessing to others.

This year was not without some difficult times either. Although I love my major, some of the classes I have taken have shown me that not achieving all perfect grades is not the end of the world, and I am still trying to learn this one. It has also shown me that my path might not be the same as everyone else’s, it has shown me that I will face rejection but I just have to keep going, it has shown me that my plan or the dreams in my head might not come true in the timing I thought, it taught me even more that this world is fleeting, and the only thing that can bring peace, success, or joy is the Lord. This year has been filled with feeling the disappointments and learning how to deal with new ones, but in each one the Lord was trying to showing me something, transform my heart, and prepare me for the future.

This school year as jam packed full as it was, has been far more up and down beautiful than I ever would have thought up, it can only be God. So as I reflect, I don’t see my hand prints all over my life I see the imprint of God, so all I can do now is reflect the light He is leaving behind.


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