It’s all about STYLE DAY!

IMG_5080I have had my colors done now for almost a year now, and it really does make a difference in your confidence and the way you are a perceived in a room! It definitely makes me feel more like myself to wear my colors! If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is the post I did about getting my colors done!

Another thing you can do to learn even more about yourself, feel comfortable in what you wear, and show your personality with your clothes is by getting a style consultation. Done by the same people that do your color consultation, it is often done in a group and it uses the proportions of your body, and if your body is sharp or soft in your shapes.

It sees if your face shape is more angular or more rounded, then it proportions your body into four length measurements to see if you have longer torso, or longer legs, or are more proportional. It also looks to see if you are heavier in your hips or heavier in your bust, and then looks at your waist line. It uses all these things to see what styles you fit best into: Dramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, Ingenue, and Romantic. Your style is described by two of these words. The first word listed is the fishing touch, or added details to your style that makes it more your own, where as your second word is the main category you fall into which is the one that describes the base of your clothes, what you add on to, and it describes the cut of the clothes you wear. Of course the way to best start out your style is to wear your colors then build upon that! Knowing your style helps you to build a capsule type wardrobe where you love and look fantastic in everything you wear and own in your closet, and where everything goes together!


These are the six words that could possibly describe your style:

Dramatic: Clean cut line, and very structured and edgy

Classic: Chic, polished, and dignified

Natural: Flowy and layered

Gamine: Outgoing, Blubbly, and a little unconventional

Ingenue: Girly, dainty, and soft

Romantic: Charming, Charismatic, and captivating


So now that you know about the styles let me tell you a little bit about my experience. For me the style day really was difficult in some regards because in order to look at the shape of your body, you can’t cover it up, and that is what I have wanted to do all winter! So I was a little self-conscious to say the least, but learning your style has nothing to with your weight, it has everything to do with your personality and the natural length proportions and angles of your body. I enjoyed getting to go through the day and take different aspects of myself and take that into figuring out what my style was.

I also thought I had an idea of what I might be going into the day…and I WAS SO WRONG! I had brought clothes I liked and clothes I didn’t and most of my clothes that were my favorites weren’t in my style. And I have to say I was a little disappointed by this at first, I felt kind of lost in myself because my style seemed like it didn’t completely fit me, my personality, or what my future career is at first. And I didn’t completely understand what I was looking for either, and that gave me some anxiety at first. One of the first things that truly came to my mind was that none of my interview outfits are working good for me, and so then I wasn’t looking best. So now it is my goal to find an amazing interview outfit that fits my style and is still professional enough for an accounting firm.

Now I realize that I have gone through this whole post and I still haven’t told you what style I am, I totally thought I was going to be a Ingenue Classic, that is what I always bought, but I am an INGENUE NATURAL which means I need flow clothes with a lot of girl details like bows, scallops, and lace; with added accessories with lots of SPARKLE (one of my key words:) )


Here are some examples of what I am looking for when shopping for my style and colors. All of these items are from the Mint Julep Boutique .


I also LOVE this bag from J.C. Penny’s!


I can’t wait to start learning my style better and see where I fit into it and start building my capsule wardrobe! It is so beneficial to know your colors AND your style!


4 responses to “It’s all about STYLE DAY!”

  1. It’s definitely a process To get it right, we are all still learning! It was so fun to get to share this day with you!


  2. This was such a fun day with you! I think it takes awhile to really feel comfortable in your style, and I know that I am still learning too! You’re beautiful inside and out, I’m so glad you’re learning this at the beginning of your career. It will be such a great tool for you for many years to come!


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