Birthday Gifts!

Let me just say I have some of the best friends and family around and they got me some awesome gifts for my birthday! They just know me so well! I thought I would share some of them with you!


This new devotional will be great and I can’t wait to start it!


One of the main things I wanted for my birthday was new baking sheets, these are awesome because they are so heavy duty and have high edges so stuff doesn’t bake over.


I got some new running shoes for my birthday. My feet are very thankful for these. The Brooks Ghost 11’s are great for runners like me whose feet roll to the outside edge of our foot when we run. These are a neutral cushion shoe that pushes the foot back to the right position when you land.


A sweet friend got me this and I have to say it has really helped me come up with new goals for the blog


I also got this wine tumbler for my birthday, it comes with a reusable straw. It is nice because it keeps you from spilling and it keeps your drink cold.


Another sweet friend got me this beautiful decoration for my new apartment.


Since my family is my landlords I also got this awesome shower head that turns the hard water into soft so I save my hair and save money on conditioner :)


I also got some new capri leggings from Old Navy that have nice mesh pockets to hold your phone while you exercise or run errands!


This was probably one of my favorite gifts, I loved this book and I mentioned it in some posts earlier this year and last year. But, for my birthday my aunt and uncle got it personally signed for me!

Lately I have been eating outside, since the weather has been getting nicer so now I have a little picnic set for outside. It is reusable and won’t break outside!


Thanks to all the wonderful people in my life for all these amazing gifts! I love you all!


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