My Most Recent Crafts and Projects

As I have been settling into my new apartment, and have started figuring out what I want it to look like I definitely have had more opportunities for crafts and projects. Some of them have not been too exciting, such as painting the walls or spray painting vent covers but there are also some good new ones too!

As always I really love Rustoleum white paint for my white washing projects. I also suggest using a thicker bristled brush if you want more of the weathered look.


This was a set of drawers I got from my family’s cabin and I decided to paint it white and add some sparkly new handles from Amazon, and it now works great in my room!



I also made some new signs for the bathroom and the living room! I love some Disney Princess Magic and then the ever true words of the Doxology to see every day!


As we were going through my great grandparents things to move them, I came across this. It was a tool carrier I had made at a Home Depot make it day as a kid, and I had given it to my great grandpa because he liked to build things. Well, even though it is a cheap thing, the memories made it worth saving and reusing. What I realized was that I was in desperate need of something to hold all of my stuff on my end table in the living room (sticky notes, coasters, pens, remotes). So I painted it white and now it keeps everything picked up and organized on that table.


My Aunt wanted some new numbers for our duplexes, and so she put me in charge. I got these awesome plain wood signs at Michael’s, painted them white, the used a stencil to paint on the numbers. I then sprayed it with some weatherproof spray so it will handle up to the Nebraska weather. I think these are so cool, it was a different type of project, and I came in under budget! My favorite thing!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these projects and I can’t wait to share more soon!

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