IMG_0021I have always been a planner. I like to have stuff done early, and know what is happening before I am supposed to that way I can feel comfortable in it, or I can somewhat prepare myself for what I am going to do next. The thing is that preparation is not just a part of planning or after it in some regards. Preparation can be the hard or uncomfortable part before anything else.

This year I start my senior year of college, and it feels like it has come fast and gone by slow all at the same time. This truly is the year of lasts, but at the same time this is the year of preparation. In some of my quiet time, and just in conversation I feel like the Lord has been showing me the word prepare and how that it going really summarize this next season of life. Although this is a good word, one that I know that I can trust God and be confident in Him with my future in, it also has an aspect to it that means my heart and mind are going to growth through a season of growth and refining.

This next season requires a lot of being present and taking in every experience and moment I get with my family and friends, because this is the last year of this reality that I have been in. There are no big changes now, but God is preparing me for the big changes ahead.  I don’t know what I am going to do after school, if it will be a difficult or easy transition, if it will require a lot of effort or will simply be a few changes to adulthood. In this season of prayer and preparation, while I prayer for God to give me a direction of where to go, I see His faithfulness in preparing my heart for the things of this year and possibly the path I am supposed to go down.

There are so many questions in my head right now and the thing about God is that He can have you sit and rest in those things and be at peace with not knowing right this very second, all while being so uncomfortable because of not knowing the answers and not being able to take the next step.  I know though that God will eventually give me the answers I want, by preparing my heart towards it.

There is so much hope in sitting in the uncomfortable though, because we know that “God has plans for us, not plans to harm us, but plans to give us a hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11). So if you are like me and are going into a season before the season of unknown, find peace in that season because God will guide your path and all the uncomfortable you are sitting in will eventually turn into His purpose for you in the season to come.


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