Being Present

8DDCC934-5E7F-467C-B17E-02C84614EAE2Hey Friends! I know it has been a while since I have gotten to write on here and there was a reason… I decided to take some time and focus on the present. One thing can be said of this school year is that it is full of transition and unknown. But, even in that feeling I know that God will be faithful to provide. Faithful for friendships, faithful for opportunities and faithful in where I am to live.

The idea of focusing on the present came to me from a sweet friend who is also in a senior year transition season, where she said that she didn’t want to feel like she was living on the outside of her life looking in, but she wanted to feel like she was apart of her life trusting in God, not having both feet out of her life but having both feet in the present but facing towards the future.

So what have I been doing in this time… One I have been learning how to better spend quality time with Jesus and just sit in His presence. This is sometimes sharing through journaling, but sometimes listening to music and listening to Him, or just going on a walk and enjoying Him all around me.

I have also gotten opportunities for retreats, an internship this semester, and leadership trainings, all of these things have allowed me to grow in the spot I am in and prepare my relationship with Christ for the seasons that lie ahead in the next year.

I have also gotten to build new relationships and continue to grow in others and both have been such a sweet blessing. I love the community I have now and I want to take in every memory I get with them.

Also being present is still doing my school work, looking for jobs, and working hard. All of these things take time, but I know combined with all of the above I am pouring myself out in this season to get the most out of it, to take it in, to grow, and to gain experience to further solidify who I am.

Mostly being present is being a part of the memories you are making and being active in relationship with Christ to see how He is speaking to you and leading you in the future. I hope to get to share more here more frequently now, because one thing I realized while I was away was that I missed writing here, but I also realized that this can’t be my number one. So taking that into account I can’t wait to share new stuff with you all soon.











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