Road Trip to Fort Collins!



Recently, over my Fall Break I got to go on a Road Trip to Fort Collins, Colorado with some friends as a part of a Vision Trip with my church as they will be planting a church in Fort Collins! But, we did take some time to have some different adventures and that is what I am going to share with you!


We decided to drive halfway the first night that way we could have more time to adventure around on Friday! We got to see a beautiful sunset and sunrise, before we headed out early the next morning! But not without a stop for coffee along the way!

We of course had to stop along the Nebraska/Colorado border to take pictures!


When we got to Fort Collins we stopped at a place called Jessup Farms, basically a cute little shopping center. Possibly, could be considered a mini Magnolia (Waco, TX)! We stopped and had lunch at their restaurant, Farm House. It had some good looking meals, with a lot of fresh ingredients! They also had a coffee shop on the property and so of course we had to get some! It was so good! Some of the best coffee I have ever had!

We stayed at the Quality Inn and Suites Fort Collins-University, I had gotten a deal off of that made it $30 for each of us, for two nights! So, after we checked in we decided to go and hike.

There is a huge lake in Fort Collins called Horsetooth Lake Reservoir, that has a lot of different trails around it. We chose a trail that took us to the “falls,” although the waterfall was not going, the hike itself was beautiful and you could really feel the presence of the Lord there as we walked and had intentional conversation with each other.


For dinner that night we went to Beau Jo’s pizza. I cannot recommend a pizza place more! It has a super thick crust that you can tear off the main part of the pizza and dip in Colorado honey. Now, I would have a picture but we were all just too hungry, that when the pizza got there I would say we finished it in about 5 minutes.

The next day we did a lot with the church: breakfast, prayer, prayer walks, and a big dinner. In the afternoon we did get some free time and we used ours to grab some ice cream at Walrus Ice Cream! Now if you know me, or have read some of my other travel posts when it comes to ice cream places I usually end up getting Butter Pecan Ice Cream and this time was no different. And it was really good! If you are ever in Fort Collins I would recommend it!


The next day after a small gathering, we hit the road back to Nebraska. And we were sad to be back, we really enjoyed our time together and in Fort Collins. And even though each of the 4 of us came into the trip and different places and having different relationships with each other. We all came out of the trip thanking Jesus for what He had done and what He is going to do, and thanking Him for beautiful continued and new friendships.



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