Worth Waiting in Anticipation

We are now officially in the season of Advent, otherwise known as a season of waiting in anticipation. Now the true meaning of this word is for waiting in anticipation for Jesus to be born to be our savior (And He was born and is our savior!) , but this season of Advent has me thinking about other waiting we do, especially when we have been praying for something. (Christmas, relationships, that job, that cure, or many others).We do still wait often with fear or anxiety instead of anticipation, can’t waiting to get this thing that we have been praying for. Sometimes it seems as if we wait and wait but the answer doesn’t seem to come, or it ends up not being what we were intending. Then we start doing the justifying in our minds God’s timing is “right” and our human timing is “wrong” which is why we are waiting. Thus what are we doing “wrong” that God is withholding the “right” from us.

Here is what is truth

  • God does have us wait sometimes and that is because in seasons of waiting on His great plan we can’t help but spend more time with Him. And that gives Worth or anticipation, instead of fear and anxiety when in the waiting and greater glory to God when the waiting is over.
  • Sometimes we turn God into Santa Claus, here is what we want, and I know I am getting it in this many days because I put it on my list. That is not God, God wants us, and He wants us more than we could ever truly want or need anything of this world. He wants us to spend time with Him, so we can become more like Him, and focus on what He has done for us and wait in anticipation for the things of His glory.
  • It is not about “right” timing or “wrong” timing it is about God’s perfect timing. He knows what is and what is to come and He has a plan for us far greater than we can imagine all to bring Himself glory. So if an answer to a prayer is not yet it is not because we are doing enough or are doing something “wrong” it means that God has something even better planned. Something worth the anticipation.

The great thing about this season is we are not sitting and waiting in anticipation to see if   the savior will come, we are waiting in anticipation to even more celebrate that Jesus did come to be our Savior and die for us on the cross. So even in our waiting, run to God and He will give you peace beyond understand, that way we can sit and wait in beautiful anticipation of what God will do next. That is something worth waiting for…


One response to “Worth Waiting in Anticipation”

  1. Sherilyn R Marrow Avatar
    Sherilyn R Marrow

    Great message, Alecia; I really like the way you look at waiting and anticipation as a Faith issue. Your words and interpretations seem very wise. We must defer to God’s right ‘timing’ for everything. Thanks for reminding me and all of your readers.
    Peace & Love for the Holidays, Sher


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