Here’s to 2020

I know we’re already almost a month into the new year (Wow I can’t believe it!) , but I just wanted to share my word for the year. Now I have discussed my previous words for the year, or my words for different seasons before, but I feel like sometimes we end up forgetting about them or we put too much pressure on accomplishing a word and finding completeness in it (which we should not do, only in Jesus), but sometimes the word still ends up describing the season you meant for it. Last year my word was Inspire and I had many things that I wanted that to mean, but over the course of 2019 it came to mean, to Inspire myself of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to accomplish or at least dream of accomplishing, and the steps I wanted to take to get there. It almost led me into my word for 2020…. HEALING… Now this can take many shapes and forms and obviously what I want it to mean now may be different by December 31st, but I think part of having a word is different than setting goals. Goals have a distinct pressure to accomplish and when you fail on day then you can’t keep going sometimes and so then you fail completely. What is different about a word is that it is more of a theme, it is something you ask God to work through in different ways, it is not something to accomplish but something to grow in and strive for with Jesus.

For me right now healing means many things both spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally. Spiritually I want to spend more time with Jesus let Him work through my heart in the places I am most insecure. Emotionally I am taking take to reflect on the past to work more healthily towards the future. Physically I am working towards running a race after surgery and wanting to look and feel healthy, and right now it also means praying I will get rid of this cold I have ! And relationally it means creating good boundaries and building deep life-giving relationships with the people and community around me. All in all I know the Lord has been faithful in the words before so I know He will be faithful in this one too even if it ends up differently than I imagine.

Here’s to 2020!


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