Winter Book Reviews

Hey friends! It has been a little bit since I have done a book review, but I have been busy reading so here are my top three books that I have read these first couple months of 2020. We have “I’ll be There for You, The One About Friends” by Kelsey Miller, “Own Your Everyday” by Jordan Lee Dooley, and “Unshakable Hope” by Max Lucado. Each of these books falls into slightly different categories but none of them are fiction, although I am really starting to want to read more fiction, so maybe next month?


“I’ll be There for You, The One About Friends” by Kelsey Miller

I started reading this in January, before the news of the reunion special had ever hit the page, and this book was written a couple years ago, but the content is really good if you are an avid Friends fan like me, and really just want to have the days of a show that can so many things for so many people. It’s kind of unifying in a way.

This book goes into that, it talks about how each of the Friends got their start, the backgrounds of the producers, and the impact Friends had on the country in a pre and post 9/11 world. This book made me think of Friends in a different way, and it also made me want to enjoy it all over again. Luckily for me I own all the episodes on DVD, so Netflix is not cutting down on my Friends marathon.


“Own Your Everyday” by Jordan Lee Dooley

I have been following Jordan Lee Dooley and her blog Soul Scripts basically all 4 years of my college career, and I have to say somethings I looked at her and was like “goals”. That is because so many of the things she has done, and they ways she has built her career are things that I dream of doing. She blogs, podcasts, had an Etsy store, basically runs a ministry, wrote this book and is working on more. She is awesome!

This book is basically her framework to get where you dream of getting, her inspirations along the way, and a Christian perspective to building a business and going after your dreams. Even if your dreams are not in the creative side of the spectrum or not the same as hers or mine, I encourage you to pick this up to be inspired to go after what you really want to do.


“Unshakeable Hope” by Max Lucado

Max Lucado has written many Christian books over his career, but I have to say that this one was exactly what I needed in this season. With a lot of unknowns coming up this book let me really rest in the facts of the truth of the gospel and my identity in Christ. It pointed me to ways to further trust Jesus, and it encouraged me to see the amazing things God is doing right now even in the waiting.

I highly encourage this book for anyone who is in a season of waiting or unknown, or is just in a season where they don’t feel like they have a lot left. This book is for you!


These three books are amazing, and I highly recommend them! I hope that you can get reading, because I am off to read the next books on my list!


Copyright 2020.


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