Window Wall Decoration

Recently, I had this window pains that were sitting around my house and I came up with the idea that if I took the glass out I could them hang up the flexible frames on my bedroom walls and then put some wreaths on top of it.


I took the windows outside over the trash can with gloves, glasses to cover my eyes, and a hammer. This project requires wearing some sort of protective gear :). I also had on close toed shoes and a long sleeve shirt.


I then hit the pieces out of each of the window sections.


I then hug up both of the frames on either side of a window in my room with these cute magnolia flower wreaths I found at  Target on sale for $9!

This is just one of my latest room updates, and as I slowly add a piece here and there, I am getting ready for it to be finished so I can show it all to you all!


One response to “Window Wall Decoration”

  1. Angie Roderique Avatar
    Angie Roderique

    Very cute and inventive!


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