My Favorite Things This Spring!

While this Spring has had its not so bright moments, there are still many things that I am really loving this Spring even in quarantine!


Social Distancing is easier when it is with your best friend! I am glad we can spend 24/7 together no problem!0AAQX4WHTjGQnE3Ffk2R1Q

I had gotten this candle for Christmas, and although I am good with pink and any season I love it even more in the Spring!IMG_0009

As I get ready for graduation and hopefully a career, I am looking forward to getting new things for my wardrobe in my style and colors as well! ThredUp is also a great way to consign and recycle all the clothes that you are looking to get rid of after going through your closet in quarantine.


My roommate and I made a list of activities to do while social distancing and we have loved getting to do a few of them each week! We also love to use the app HUJI to take our pictures!

This is water colors, letters, Onward movie night, and an indoor picnic!


We are also trying to enjoy every nice day outside with walks looking at pretty old houses and just spending as much time outside on our patio as possible.

2020-04-05 09:11:55.003

We also have really enjoyed getting to spend more time with the Lord each day and enjoying our coffee and sometimes Oatmeal muffins along with it!2020-04-13 17:24:44.227

With trying to make do with the groceries we have, the thing we often run out of is bread, so I decided to make homemade bread to fulfill the need!NQEsyhVySf+hJNQp1ja52w

Not only was this Easter great because HE IS RISEN, but my family and I made this amazing Easter sugar cookies!

Now that Spring is here we are also starting to see it in fresh flowers and blossoming trees! And although sometimes they give me allergies, they are just too beautiful to not enjoy!

Lastly for this session of favorite things we have the activity of double features! It is one of the favorite quarantine activities especially when it involves old, romantic movies!


I hope that you can see the bright and positive points of this Spring season even if it is a little more difficult or different than usual!


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