My Quarantine Routine

I think one of the most difficult things about being home all the time, other than lack of community; has been creating a routine. That way I don’t feel unmotivated or make myself overly stressed but have set aside time to be healthy and to spread things out and slow down, while still accomplishing a lot.

This post will go over our normal weekday routine. Often we try not to do anything work or school related on the weekends, especially on Sunday and make it a more true day of rest. We might do activities on our social distancing activities list or work on stuff around the house or just come up with things we want to do in the moment.

A Typical Weekday

I usually wake up around 7-7:30 (sometimes earlier-I am definitely more of a morning person) ~I make my bed right away in the morning, get dressed, brush my teeth, stretch, have breakfast, read the Wall Street Journal, and get my coffee.

2020-04-05 09:11:55.0038-8:30/9~Quiet Time, Time with the Lord, depending on the day I can go longer on this

9-11:30/12~Homework/School work time

We usually eat lunch while working on homework

2020-04-04 11:56:42.98211:30/12-2~I usually take this time to search for a job and send in applications (very few lately),  I also work on writing (this and other projects), keep up to date with my Etsy Store (AuthenticAleciaAnn), and read a book. Whatever that day holds. Sometimes depending on the weather or the day this section will extend into the evening, because sometimes I like all of these things as a part of my free time. I also have a list of projects for myself that I can work on when I get bored too, so sometimes that is the case!

A18BB99F-FF8F-4E7F-870D-AB9DCAEE24072-5:30~Free Time: This is where I usually workout, or go on a walk, or get moving more than my breaks every 45minutes or so in the morning. We also might do an activity from our list in here, or I might keep working on other things, or we might do something random. This is also a time to maybe do a couple chores each day so that you stay on top of them, however if those are your Saturday tasks you can stick with that too!Sometimes I also make appointments for FaceTime dates with people in the afternoons. If it is a slow homework time I will do that in the morning too!

5:30-6~ Usually for dinner we have something new and then eat that for leftovers at lunch, while we eat dinner we having been watching an episode of the Office.

6-9:30~ This is the time we usually still have church activities going on virtually, we hang out and do our own things like read, or we watch a movie, or do some of our other activities! We also like to have some sort of snack or treat in here somewhere!

9:30-10~I usually shower and get ready for bed

10-10:30~ I read in bed and write down all the random things on my mind.

10:30~Lights Out!

This is just my routine and honestly it has been great! I don’t feel like I am putting too much in one day: and I am having fun, being productive, and trying to stay healthy! I hope that this helps you if you are still trying to get in a good rhythm during social distancing.



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