Business Book Reviews

Lately, I have been having a good mix of genres of books and always have a lot of recommendations coming in! (Which I love) But, today’s post is my thoughts on my latest Marketing/Business Reads.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

This one I was really excited about, it was a recommendation in an interview and then when I went to a networking meeting, they were so sweet and gave me an extra copy they had around (that helps my bursting book budget!) But, this book has helped me immensely with school projects and with how I view content in the things I work on now, and hopefully how I view people and brands with whatever career path I am lucky enough to go down! The main purpose of any type of Marketing is to make it a story with characters and a plot, and you want to make the consumer be a part f it.

I also think that this book would be more helpful than any marketing textbook and that it could and should be used for a consumer behavior, intro to marketing, or marketing communications class in college. That is my opinion, but this is the information that students and marketers need! (Technically we are marketers of ourselves, no matter who you are)!

Standout 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham

This book uses your Gallup Strengths and then has them categorized into 9 different categories. Buckingham then uses these categories to better explain how each one is unique and how you can go above and beyond in the workplace.

I am a big fan of any type of personality test or strength and weakness testing. For me this really played into that interest. It added even more knowledge to what I already knew about my strengths. It also gave me easy and applicable ways to “stand-out” and use my strengths, right now in the job search and later in my actual position.

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

In this book, it goes through questions or types of questions that Sheridan has been commonly asked when he has run different companies and has tried to grow businesses throughout his career. He brought to light an interesting thought of if people ask questions would should answer every single one, and truthfully, but maybe in a way that brings them back to us. Sheridan’s idea is that it is worse for the sale/bottom line to leave a customer with questions than to give them the truth.

For me this book was a quick read, although it looks wide when you first get it, its easy to read and question and answer format made it so I was able to finish it in about a day. Although, I did like the premise behind the book, some of the fields of business Sheridan was in, and thus his examples were from were quite niche and so sometimes it was hard to apply the ideas if you did not know much about the industry.


These are just some of my latest business book and career enhancement reads that I have had here in quarantine. I hope these sparked your interest and that maybe one of them could help you where you are at in your career, schooling, or help you differentiate yourself in the job search.


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