The Things You Will REMEMBER

I think coronavirus has put a damper on a lot of plans, but rather than take it for all its negatives, you have to work around it to celebrate the best way you can! Especially when it comes to 96th birthdays! My Great Grandpa Rex celebrated his 96th birthday on Saturday, and we lucked out because we gathered the family up, including my Uncle who was coming from Colorado and we all got to celebrate.

Sure it was all through a window, but my great grandparents were just so happy to have all of us there. COVID has been a really hard and lonely time for them, especially with hospital visits and such. But they were thrilled to have cake with us and celebrate through a window!

We all got to talk on the phone and share what was going on in our lives: school, jobs, and a baby. It was just so sweet to see how proud they were and to see the joy and togetherness that their lives and 75 year of marriage have been.

I don’t ever want to stop making memories or taking in the moments that we have left just because it looks different, or it might be more difficult. These will be the things we remember. So love in these moments, and make things a positive situation, because these will be the things you remember.

If you haven’t ever read my great grandparents love story, check it out here!


4 responses to “The Things You Will REMEMBER”

  1. Angie Roderique Avatar
    Angie Roderique

    Great pictures and memories!


  2. Great post Alecia!


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