June/July Recap

Is it just me or is it that time seems to go by really slowly in social distancing and then all of a sudden you wake up and it is already a new month? I am glad to say though, we have officially made it over half way through 2020, the year of crazy!

I haven’t done a recap post in a long time, but I thought I would let you in on what my June and July looked like even though it was somewhat boring, compared to the normally crazy busy summers we have.

I have to say my routine seemed somewhat boring, everyday it seemed like I looked for jobs, hung out with people, and relaxed with my roommate. The job search definitely made June seem longer and maybe more monotonous, because it seemed like nothing was really moving and it seemed similar to the same scrolling you would do with social media. But let me fill you in on more of my months!

June was pretty boring, it was filled with a lot of adult tasks or projects I hoped to get done before I started work. Not that July hasn’t been partially that either :) I decided to go home a lot of the weekends. Part of it was because my roommate went home as well, but also to help my mom with some projects.

I also went down one weekend to help my family fix up my great grandmas old house for a renter. It is a farmhouse built in the 1940’s! My Uncle fixed up the original hard wood floors, we painted, put in new windows, knocked down some cement, and many other random tasks. This house had us putting on masks for reasons other than COVID.

In June I also did some cleaning work both at my church and for a couple other things. One thing I would say for sure about not having a job, I have found a lot of random ways to make a little money! Cleaning, selling some of the things I don’t use, completing projects for people. I guess it’s all about being “young, scrappy, and hungry”? (If you have not watched Hamilton yet, you are missing out)

I guess that is a good tie in to July! We started off July at the lake, celebrating the fourth in the best way. We also had our traditional family murder mystery, this year we celebrated all of the graduates and the birthdays. We had even more to celebrate since COVID interrupted some of the previous celebrations. My aunt wrote this years murder mystery, so it fit to our occasions. I wonder which family member committed the murder this year?

After going to the lake, I kept going west and ended up in Fort Collins, CO. I got to see and stay with my sweet friends who moved out there in June or are continuing to move out there to be a part of a church plant! It was great to see them, to make more memories, and get to be a part of the great community they have! It was definitely hard for me to leave.

Other than going on walks, helping my step mom with some color consultations, working on little projects, Shutterfly books, and getting ready to go to work ( I will fill you in on my job soon!) the one big event was celebrating my great grandpas 96th birthday! I talk more about it in this post. But our family celebrated outside of their nursing home window. My great grandparents have been married for 75 years, it is hard to beat.

July has finished up with hanging with my cousins in the lake and starting my job at Certified Piedmontese! I also recently got to be a guest on the State Street Podcast! These guys are awesome and we had a great conversation about life, goals, and transitions. I hope that you all can go check it out on wherever you listen to podcasts! It has really been a great summer, and I am glad I have had this time, but I am also ready to get to a routine and work!


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