My New Job

I know I mentioned it recently both on the State Street Podcast, and in my June/July Recap Post , but I have now officially started my first truly “adult” job! I am so lucky that I got a job that was exactly what I wanted to do out of college, be a writer and a part of a content marketing team. That doesn’t seem very surprising, right? :) I am working for a beef company here in Nebraska, Certified Piedmontese; that sells lean, healthy, tender beef from the Piedmontese breed of cattle. I have really enjoyed my first two weeks! I know that I will get to learn a lot of new things and be able to broaden my horizons in this position.

There are already things that I know I want to work on in this season of life, both that affect my job and my life outside of my job!

I want to get more in a routine. There are things in my position that will happen weekly or multiple times in the week, and just getting in a routine of certain stuff happening at certain times. For example, this is the time on Mondays I always work on this, where this time is open for things that come up or brainstorming new ideas. But, also getting in a routine outside of work. I have to say sleep has been the hardest thing. I worked a few weeks before I started on waking up earlier, and going to bed on time (I am a morning person to begin with); however working all day of top of that needs some adjustment. I just want to be able to have my sleep schedule, and then morning routine down currently, that way I can adjust it some to add in more quiet time.

More on a health side of things, I have not been good about drinking water as I have started work. I can definitely tell that I have been more dehydrated lately, and that along with staring at a screen all day has been causing some headaches. I also know that I need to be better about coming home, and actually getting stuff done for a little bit before just being lazy for the rest of the night. Then it all doesn’t pile up to do on the weekends!

Side note: I would love some weekend activities to do, now that I have some free time! Any ideas?

At work right now I am in a huge learning curve. It is a lot to learn. I am learning about the company and what we do, what different people’s roles are, and trying to figure out where my spot is. It can be difficult! And sometimes it is hard to gauge a company’s future within that too and how it interacts. I am really big on communication, and as I grow up the more I appreciate over communication. I hate not knowing things, good or bad! I just want people to let me know, but part of that is not being afraid to ask questions. I say this and I know that I could definitely be asking more questions, or for more clarity on things. Sometimes it is also difficult for me, when I don’t know the best way to word a question, to get clarity for something. This is such a hard thing to work on.

All this to say, I know God was at work in this being my job opportunity, both for what the role distinctly is and the growing opportunities and the other aspects that make up a day and a position. So I am very thankful for all of that! I know that a lot of these things come with transition, so I am giving myself grace knowing that it all won’t change overnight and I might mess up; but it will all help me grow.

As I am sharing about my job, we are moving into a new location so there is still some construction stuff getting finished up! But, I wanted to share a picture of my desk and share some links to the stuff I got! On my desk I have a plant (there is a window just to the left, so it gets some sunlight), pictures, a calendar (Target dollar section), some canvas’ and watercolors I made, mints, and a cotton snowball (one of the guys in the office gave one to everyone :) ). I also got some snacks from Sam’s Club (my new favorite is the Nature Bakery Fig Bars!) and I brought a blanket and a cardigan to keep there since I am right underneath the vent.

I also made some awesome Amazon purchases as well…

Lots of stick notes! Small ones and some bigger ones

A thing of other little office supplies

A set of desk organizers! This is the best!

A desk mat

And some storage containers since I only have one set of drawers

I hope that if you are just starting out in a job, or are in a transition of sorts with yours just remember to have things you want to go after, but to be positive and have grace with yourself in the process.


2 responses to “My New Job”

  1. Great post Alecia! So proud of you and love your new digs!! :-)


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