A Tulle Table Skirt

I am currently helping plan a baby shower with my family, and one of the things that we are using to help decorate at the baby shower is a tulle table skirt. I bought all the supplies on Amazon and if you are looking to make this make sure you get the correct amount of tulle. I used four rolls of 8in x 100 yards of tulle and I still came up a little short. I also used inch and a half wide elastic.

First I measured out the elastic for what the length around the entire table would be. I then had my roommate help me hold it up so that I could pin and sew it together without it being twisted or anything. I then laid it over a chair so that it was held up while I work and it was easy to get to certain sections.

To cut the tulle, I went slightly over double the length I wanted. I measured out each strip to be a little over 60 inches.

To tie onto the skirt I did the colors as every other. I would fold the strip in half, and then I would take the two loose ends under the elastic and then pull them through.

Then to tighten, I would stick my finger the in the loop and then pull till tighter. Sometimes time elastic just wasn’t sturdy enough.

It did take a while to finish it all, but I sat there and did it while I watched Chicago P.D. so it was not too bad, and it will end up being really cute!


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