September Happenings

It seemed like just yesterday it was August and now it is already October…Fall is in full swing and I am so excited for it! There is so many fun Fall activities to do, and I am very excited that Husker football will be back, even if I can’t actually be in Memorial Stadium cheering them on. This month has been busy, especially with work; and then accomplishing projects for the blog, things around the house, or other creative side projects!

If you haven’t noticed I have been trying to update a few things! As I have transitioned out of school and into a new season I felt like the blog needed it too.So I have updated to a different style, added a new logo, and am going to be trying out some new things on social media. I took a little break from new content to get it all set up, so I am so excited to be back and hopefully better than ever!

The first week of September, I started out living with my amazing new floors! They make the space look so much bigger and grown up, and with this transition I understand the need for things to feel homey even more.

With Labor Day weekend and we just had a nice day out on the Lake with my family on Sunday! It was good to get a last little bit of summer swimming in.

While summer was closing out, I was getting ready for Fall! I got some Fall decorations up, and I am always excited for a new season and seeing how the house changes with the decorations. We just had a new Hobby Lobby open near us and so I found a new table runner for Fall this year, and I am excited to use it this Winter too!

This September I also purchased a new car! I had previously had a 2009 Ford Escape and I got a 2015 Toyota Highlander. I am so excited about having a bigger vehicle. To me they just feel safer, especially in the Winter weather!

My family and I also hosted a baby shower for another family member this weekend! Their baby girl will be here in a couple months and we were ready to celebrate. I will be posting all the information on the shower next week!

To finish out September I went with my family to a resort in Iowa that is on a lake. Honey Creek Resort; They had an Indoor Water Park, hiking trails, a beach area, a golf course, and different activities and restaurants on the premises. Making it easy and a nice place to get away even during COVID.

September was busy, but it was also filled with lots of great things! Here’s to falling into October :)


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