Cactus Themed Baby Shower

My family hosted a baby shower for another family member and we decided to make it all cactus themed. I have to say that Amazon was our best friend for this shower. We bought a lot of our paper products there!

Cactus straws

Paper Plates/Napkins

Balloon Sets

I also made a tulle table skirt for the occasion. Here is the tutorial post about what I did!

For games we did feel around and guess what is in the diaper bag. We got 10 items and the diaper bag off of the registry, filled it up, and people wrote down what they thought was in the bag!

We then also did the baby food game, where there are 10 or so jars of baby food without there labels and people have to guess what the flavors actually are!

Lastly we did a price is right game. I got 10 pictures of items from the internet, printed them, and then had people guess the price of each item. The closest person without going over for the most items wins!

For favors we bought little sweet pea hand sanitizers from bath and body works. I then made little onesie labels!

For food we got sandwiches, fruit, and a quinoa salad from Costco. We also had spinach artichoke dip. Then the cake was from a Bakery in Omaha. My mom and I also made cream cheese mints and pretzels dipped in chocolate to look like cacti!

I hope you enjoyed my little run down of our shower and how we celebrated new baby girl! It was so much fun getting to celebrate and see all the cute things that the baby got!


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