A Season of Transition

When I first started this blog it was to share thoughts or ideas, the creative projects I was working on, or the books I was reading; and it still is those things. But, also among many others, including faith, recipes, my health journey, job searching etc. I just had always wondered what was the thing that tied it together, what was authentically me, but could connect me to an audience that is authentically you. Something that could grow, change and adapt as a business. To mean that word seemed to be transition.

This word has been coming up for me in a bunch of different areas of my life the last year or so. Last year around this time I told someone that I felt like I was in a season to prepare me for transition.

Then I started seeing the word transition come up and it became important to me. It seems like there are times in our lives where there is more transition and it seems more difficult than others, and it seemed like I was coming up on one of those times in my life. So I started to dig into more of how the Lord was going to use transition. And I think it has come in multiple ways. Help in transition has been a way for Jesus to use me, and this blog and brand are no different.

That is how come I thought that transition could be something that describes this blog, me, and who I want to cater to and how I want to connect.

This should be a place to feel comfortable in the process. That we don’t need to feel like we have it all together all the time. Decisions are difficult and they make a difference and we have a lot of them.

Life is a constant transition and so I hope that the purpose of this blog can grow and change with it, just as this blog has started to grow and change with me over these last two and a half years.

So feel like you belong in the new purpose of Authentically Alecia Ann…

We All Face Transition, So Let’s Face It Together.

Copyright 2020 Alecia Zauha.


One response to “A Season of Transition”

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